Michael’s Note

A very early signed album MJ gave me. This picture disc dates back to the mid 80's [...]

August 10th, 2016|


Mixing pastels and heavy paint on paper. Ripped paper mounted on stretched canvas.

May 1st, 2016|

Bowie’s Gone

One of my heroes growing up was David Bowie.  To this day, Station To Station, LOW, [...]

January 11th, 2016|

Young Dancer

Pastel study of a young ballerina. A study in color and shadows on green paper with [...]

August 5th, 2015|

Ink Figure Study

Quick ink study from a sketchbook. Woman's figure drawn in pen and ink with soft color [...]

July 19th, 2015|

Gift From Q

An incredible very personal gift from Quincy Jones. Quincy and I still talk about those great [...]

July 9th, 2015|

Mixing Oils

The soft powdery tones and textures of mixing oils just can't be beat. I use pigment [...]

July 5th, 2015|

All In The Sketch

Pencil, charcoal, oil, and ink sketches really show what an artist can do. If you really [...]

July 5th, 2015|

For George Lucas

Private commission for George Lucas and his lady. This is the old world style I love [...]

June 24th, 2015|

Figurative Strokes

I'm always painting figurative paintings after more intricate paintings. These loose sketches in bold strokes keep [...]

April 20th, 2015|