Quincy Jones and Badr Jafar in front of our new logo for G3 (Global Gumbo Group), designed by myself and Roger Hubbard. Founded by legendary music producer, Quincy Jones and Emirati social entrepreneur Badr Jafar, the company is launching a series of initiatives and productions that will change the future of the music industry and live entertainment in the Middle East and North African region. G3 is developing multi-media opportunities across all entertainment platforms including music, film, television, publishing and digital applications, in the Middle East and North Africa. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT G3 is producing a series of live shows in the Middle East, featuring International Artists, creating a complete entertainment experience including: concert promotion and venue operations, ticketing solutions, related e-commerce and artist management. ARTIST DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT G3 is creating new exciting opportunities for existing and new artists within the Region in order to develop, nurture and promote their talent internationally. MUSIC & TV CONTENT DEVELOPMENT G3 is working on a series of digital and television productions, with a network of global broadcasters, covering all elements of entertainment including development, production, marketing and distribution.