Introducing Nate Giorgio

Since establishing his studio in 1984, Nate Giorgio has become world renowned for his timeless and innovative art. His paintings-known for their uncanny ability to celebrate the very essence of his subject-have been collected by some of the world’s most influential people. His figurative and landscape paintings have been the subjects of exhibitions worldwide, with works residing in many significant private collections.


Born in upstate New York, Nate Giorgio began his professional art career as an illustrator in New York City.  He was represented by a top artist-rep and illustrated movie posters for films such as The Believers and Reversal Of Fortune, and completed various illustration work for advertising agencies across the country. Wanting to move away from illustration, Giorgio concentrated on developing his fine art and later opened his own studio accepting private commissions.
  • Born, Binghamton, New York
  • Self-taught artist
  • Opens his own studio in 1983
Early in his career, Giorgio signed an exclusive contract in 1984 to be Michael Jackson’s personal artist and created dozens of paintings that were displayed in Jackson’s home and used on various commercial and private projects such as albums, books, and merchandise. The two remained friends for over 25 years, and were meeting in 2008-09 discussing new projects.
  • Meets Michael in 1984
  • Signs MJ contract to create a total of 50 paintings
  • Michael’s private guest on the BAD tour in 1988. The two are given tours of The Vatican and The Sistine Chapel
  • Paints Remember The Children for MJ’s Greatest Hits album HIStory
Giorgio’s work is characterized by his extremely skillful technique and handling of color, greatly inspired by the legends in the art world, such as Pablo Picasso and the great renaissance masters. Moving from one style to another, Giorgio conveys a wealth of inspiration and imagery, making his art unforgettable. His boldly conceived landscape paintings show a deep reverence for nature with raw power, and he counts his contemporary ink and brush fine paintings as his most significant contributions to the world of art. His strongly modernist figurative works, mixing rich textures and metallic finishes, convey his unique vision and style as an unrivaled artist.
Giorgio continues to develop as an artist learning new techniques, fine tuning his skills as a painter, and collaborating with galleries internationally. He has had solo shows in Japan since 1996, and continues exhibiting and working exclusively with select galleries. Giorgio lives and works in Los Angeles, California, where he accepts private commissions and continues to exhibit and sell his work throughout the world.
Nate Giorgio in his Los Angeles studio, 2014.
Nate Giorgio in his Los Angeles studio, 2014.